Water Levels at Lowest in Years


Following three years of drought and one of the driest years on record, water levels at Laguna Lake have dropped to levels not seen in approximately 20 years. With a large population of non-native fish species constricted to a smaller area of the lake, oxygen levels in the water have dropped and cannot sustain the large amount of fish in the water. These fish are non-native and are detrimental to native steelhead populations that exist in the San Luis Creek watershed. Therefore, a rescue operation of these fish is not proposed.

Recently, the die-off has created odors and a visual nuisance along the lake shoreline. As a result, staff from the City’s Public Works Department, Utilities Department, Parks and Recreation Department, and City Administration, are coordinating efforts to remove washed up fish from the shoreline adjacent to the park, which will begin on Monday, August 25. City staff will continue to assess conditions and will revisit the lake to remove additional fish weekly, on an as needed basis.

Members of the public should be aware that on Saturday, September 20, 2014, the City will be sponsoring Creek Clean-Up Day with Cal Poly. This is a great event and an opportunity to contribute to maintaining a high quality natural environment along the City’s creek corridors. This year the group will also assist in trash clean-up efforts at Laguna Lake.