Underage Decoys Used To Test Tobacco Sales Compliance

The San Luis Obispo County Health Agency’s Tobacco Control Program in coordination with the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office conducted a recent countywide tobacco sales compliance check operation, which ended on November 7. 

With the assistance of four local teens under the age of 18 as decoys, fifty-two tobacco retailer locations were visited throughout the county.  Six clerks of the fifty-two stores sold tobacco to the decoy.  

The six stores that engaged in the illegal sale of tobacco to a minor were: 1. Cayucos Liquor (75 South Ocean Avenue, Cayucos); 2. Oceano Market & Gas (1711 Front Street, Oceano); 3. Mission Market & Deli (1402 Mission Street, San Miguel); 4. San Paso Truck Stop (81 Wellsona Road, Paso Robles); 5. Singh Chevron (701 Las Tablas Road, Templeton); 6. Stop-N-Buy (459 West Tefft Street, Nipomo).  None of the businesses listed were re-offenders.