Two Men In Custody After Wal-Mart Burglary

Paso Robles, CA — Saturday at approximately 11:00am Sheriff's deputies arrested 37-year-old Thomas Hess and 25-year-old Daniel Becker for burglary.  

The deputies were on routine patrol in a Sheriff's unit and took to foot patrol in the area of the riverbed near the Niblick Bridge in Paso Robles.  While in the riverbed the Deputies saw Hess near a Wal-Mart Shopping cart that contained two 32 inch televisions that were still in the boxes.  There was also camping gear and shoes in the cart.  All of the items appeared new and Deputies subsequently contacted Wal-Mart and was informed the property was stolen.

A review of the security video revealed that Hess and Becker had worked in concert to commit the burglary. They were both arrested for burglary and conspiracy.