Suspect Arrested In San Luis Obispo Assault Cases

San Luis Obispo, CA — San Luis Obispo police have arrested a man who they think assaulted several women in the downtown area on January 10.

The first female was assaulted on Garden St.  She was punched in the face.  

A few blocks away officers responded to the report of a second assault on a female pushing a stroller.  She was spit upon.

A third female victim was located during the investigations.  She was walking in the 900 block of Monterey carrying an infant child when she was spit upon as well.

The police department was able to later identify the suspect, 55-year-old Timothy Coleck as being responsible for the assaults.  Coleck was also identified as a suspect from an assault that took place on September 18th 2012 in the downtown area.  

Coleck was taken into custody on January 11 and is still in custody for an unrelated warrant.  All of the assault cases have been sent to the District Attorney’s office for review.