Sonic Booms Rattle The Central Coast

San Luis Obispo, CA  — Yesterday, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office received several reports of what appeared to be seismic activity in the county.  The Sheriff's Office has confirmed through various state and federal agencies that there has been no seismic activity in our area.  It's believed the activity was caused by sonic booms from military aircraft flying over this region of California.  According to Edwards Air Force Base, the shaking and rumbling felt on the Central Coast Thursday morning was caused by an F-22 aircraft flying in the Western Pacific test range on an authorized test flight 50 miles west of the Vandenberg coastline.

Edwards conducts these types of operations year-round but yesterday’s atmospheric conditions allowed the boom to be heard and felt along the Central Coast.

The United States Geological Survey confirms there was a sonic boom reported at 9:26 AM and again at 9:40 AM. No damages have been reported.