Philanthropist and Business Man Greg Hind Has Died

Greg Hind was a prominent San Luis Obispo businessman, philanthropist and innovator of sports apparel.  The 66 year-old died Wednesday at Sierra Vista Hospital after a short illness.

Hind was a gifted athlete who played water polo in high school, the Pan American Games and the Olympics. During the 1967 Pan Am Games, while earning a gold medal, Hind had an eardrum broken. The resulting injury inspired him to develop protective earflaps on water polo caps, which have become the standard for the sport.

Along with his wife Jane, Hind founded GH Sports, a company that specializes in multi-sport apparel and accessories.

In addition to his accomplishments in business, Hind gave back to the community through the arts, helping in the creation of the Performing Arts Center at Cal Poly and many other arts-driven associations and advisory boards.