Man Pled No Contest to Theft of Aqua-Cultural Products


District Attorney Joyce E. Dudley announced today that John Anthony Wilson pled no contest to four felony counts of grand theft of aqua-cultural product.  The case arose from a California Fish & Wildlife investigation whereby Mr. Wilson was caught stealing crabs from other fishermen’s holding tanks in the Santa Barbara Harbor on multiple occasions.  In addition to his felony plea, Mr. Wilson pled to five various misdemeanor Fish & Game Code and California Code of Regulations violations stemming from his conduct of: fishing species out of season, failing to service traps within the appropriate amount of time, and failing to maintain proper accounting records and landing receipts of his commercial catch.  Mr. Wilson would then transport and peddle his stolen or undocumented catch at the Hollywood and local fish markets.

In exchange for his plea Mr. Wilson agreed to three years felony probation and 180 days County Jail.  The terms and conditions of his probation will also require Mr. Wilson to pay restitution to the victims and investigation costs to California Fish and Wildlife.  Sentencing is set to occur October 28, 2014, after which time Mr. Wilson will not be allowed to fish, commercially or otherwise, until any pending Fish & Wildlife Fishing Commission action related to this case is completed.