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Man Arrested for Allegedly Pepper Spraying People


Monday, the Atascadero Police Department received a report of two people being assaulted with a caustic chemical on the Curbaril Rd-US 101 over pass. The chemical was determined to be pepper spray. The victims were contacted and provided a description of the suspect vehicle that had fled the area. The victims had been standing on the sidewalk of the over pass holding protest signs of a political nature for the passing public’s view. Both victims were treated/decontaminated by medics on scene.

Atascadero Police Officers checked the area and located the suspect’s vehicle approximately a mile away from the incident. The driver admitted to spraying the victim’s with pepper spray, stating it was not a planned event and she was overcome by the message on the protesters signs.

The victim’s demanded a Private Person’s arrest of the suspect, which was carried out by the investigating officer. The suspect was then arrested then cited and released on her promise to appear in court.

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