Keep Your Pets Safe on The Fourth


Keep your pets safe this Fourth of July. Make sure your dog is wearing a current license tag and also a personal tag with your current address and phone number. A license tag is your dog’s ticket home. Animal Services can quickly reunite a lost animal with its family if the animal is wearing a license. Remember to tag your cat, too.

Do not bring your pet to a fireworks display. Keep them inside. Bring indoor/outdoor cats and dogs inside. Set up a nice quiet spot in a windowless room, if possible, or keep them in a carrier or kennel. Even if you think your yard is secure, a frightened dog will find a way to escape and a tied up dog may strangle
itself trying to get away.

Leave the TV or radio on to distract them; soothing noise may help keep pets calm. Walk Fido before the fireworks start. If you must take your dog out during the fireworks, keep him on a leash, and avoid ground fireworks to prevent injury or fright. If your dog or cat is especially noise sensitive, consider having someone stay home with them, taking them to a boarding facility or discuss tranquilizers with your vet.

If after taking all the precautions your cat or dog runs away, visit your local County Animal Services shelter in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria or Lompoc. County Animal Services shelters will be closed on Friday, July 4th but will reopen on Saturday, July 5th. If your dog or cat is not there, be persistent and keep checking back, it might take several days for them to arrive. Post flyers in your neighborhood with a current photo of your pet and a phone number where you can be reached and place a lost pet advertisement in the paper and craigslist. Help make sure this 4th of July weekend is a safe and fun holiday for both you and your pet.