Jury in Civil Negligence Trial to Decide on Settlement


The jury in a civil negligence trial against The Cliffs Resort will now have to decide if the bereaved family of Tricia Rittger will receive a 21.7 million dollar judgement after hearing closing arguments yesterday. Rittger, a longtime national sales manager at KSBY, died in November of 2011 after being struck by a vehicle while crossing Shell Beach Road from a small parking lot. Her family argues that the Cliffs’ management was negligent in not enforcing a parking policy dictated by the property’s conditional-use permit issued in 1984 that limits access to a 48-spot parking lot on the east side of Shell Beach Road to employees, forcing guests to use the lot as overflow and cross the sometimes dangerous road. Attorneys for the Cliffs Resort allege that Rittger was texting and distracted before she was struck by a southbound vehicle. In October of last year, the Rittger family settled with the city of Pismo Beach for 1.5 million doillars. The city is now attempting to recoup those costs from The Cliffs Resort.