High Speed Pursuit Through Santa Barbara Ends With Arrest In Carpinteria

Santa Barbara, CA — On Thursday, at approximately 8:43p.m., a CHP officer stopped for a red light on the Los Carneros Rd. freeway off ramp, beside a black Mitsubishi Eclipse sedan.  As she was stopped, she looked left to see if traffic was clear so she could make a right turn onto   Los Carneros.  As she looked left, she made eye contact with the driver and passenger of the Mitsubishi.  The driver of the Mitsubishi immediately accelerated into the intersection, made a left turn against a steady red traffic light, and proceeded on Los Carneros Rd.

The officer activated her emergency lights and turned left after the Mitsubishi.  The Mitsubishi crossed the freeway and immediately ran another red light as it turned left to enter US-101 southbound.  The officer followed the Mitsubishi, obtained the license plate and advised Ventura Communications Center of a failure to yield and other pertinent information.  CHP Dispatch acknowledged the pursuit. The Mitsubishi traveled south on US-101 for approximately five miles, at speeds up to 110 MPH.  The Mitsubishi then exited the freeway at State St., and headed westbound on State St. and Hollister Avenue.  The Mitsubishi spent the next seven minutes traversing county roadways, even briefly entering a residential area, before returning to Hollister Ave.  The Mitsubishi again entered US-101 southbound, using the SR-154 on ramp. 

Traffic was light to moderate as the Mitsubishi reached speeds of 110 mph at times.  The Mitsubishi slowed and exited the freeway in Carpinteria City and Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department was notified.  Within a minute of exiting the freeway, the Mitsubishi drove onto a dead end street.  The driver stopped the car and while the vehicle was still in drive, both the driver and passenger exited the vehicle and fled on foot. 

The vehicle was secured and the passenger gave up her flight after just a short distance.  The driver; however, was able to briefly elude officers.  A perimeter was set up by responding units and with the assistance of the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department.  Within five minutes after the pursuit had ended, a CHP unit spotted the suspect and he was taken into custody without incident. Once detained, the driver complained of pain to his left knee.  He claimed he had injured his knee while fleeing the scene on foot.  

A search of the vehicle revealed burglary tools as well as some stolen property.