DUI Task Force To Deploy On Superbowl Sunday

The Avoid the 14 DUI Task Force will be deploying special roving DUI patrols on Sunday, February 3rd in several communities throughout the area looking to stop and arrest drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs.  These DUI patrols are, in addition to regularly scheduled patrol officers, all looking for the tell-tale signs of an intoxicated driver behind the wheel.

In California, 774 people were killed in DUI crashes, with over 24,000 injured.  These drunk-driving fatalities accounted for 29 percent of the total motor vehicle traffic fatalities in California.  

In addition, alcohol impairment among drivers involved in fatal crashes was almost twice as high during the weekend (31%) than during weekdays (16%) and four times higher at night (37%) than during the day (9%), according to NHTSA.