Counterfeit Bills Being Passed Off


On 08-14-2014 Officers of the Morro Bay Police Department contacted Alfred Ayala in the 700 block of Quintana Rd. in regards to a report that he attempted to pass Counterfeit $100 bills at a local business. Ayala was found to be in possession of Counterfeit U.S. currency and Possession of a Controlled Substance. He was arrested without incident and booked into the San Luis Obispo County jail.

Over the past two weeks Morro Bay Police Department has taken several reports of local businesses receiving counterfeit bills. A total of five businesses in Morro Bay have reported receiving approximately a dozen counterfeit $100 bills. Similar crimes have been reported in neighboring cities that are believed to be related. This investigation is ongoing and Police Investigators have not ruled out additional suspects. Other counterfeit bills are likely in circulation.

Morro Bay Police Department is working together with allied Police agencies and the United States Secret Service to combat this criminal activity within our community. The Secret Service recommends that local businesses and individuals become familiar with how to detect fake or counterfeit currency and offers the following tips:

1. Check for the appropriate Watermark matching the portrait, which is visible from either side when held to a light source.

2. Color-shifting Ink: Depending on date of manufacture, the color will shift from Green to Black or from Copper to Green.

3. Security Thread: Genuine Federal Reserve Notes have a clear polyester thread embedded vertically in the paper. The thread is inscribed with the denomination of the note and is visible when held to a light source. Each denomination has a unique thread position and glow a unique color in ultraviolet light.

4. U.S. Secret Service advises that it is best not to rely solely on counterfeit marking pens.

For more information on how to detect counterfeit currency please refer to the following websites: or and check the “Know your Money” informational bulletin.