City Bus Stop Destroyed After Car Falls Off Flatbed Truck

Yesterday at approximately 12:45 in the afternoon, San Luis Obispo police officers were dispatched to a call of a collision where a Mitsubishi Eclipse collided with a City bus stop enclosure located at the southeast corner of Grand and Abbott. Initially, as information was being provided to dispatchers, a driver of the Eclipse could not be located.

When officers arrived on scene they located the Mitsubishi Eclipse, which had caused extensive damage to the bus stop enclosure at this location.  As the facts began to unfold the following information was established.

21-year-old Daniel Conrow from Pilot Rock, Oregon was driving a flatbed truck northbound on Highway 101.  The truck was hauling the Mitsubishi Eclipse on top of the flatbed.  The Eclipse was not properly secured to the flatbed and as the truck approached the Grand Avenue off-ramp the Eclipse rolled off of the flatbed onto Highway 101. The unattended Eclipse exited on the Grand Avenue off-ramp where it continued down the ramp, through the intersection with Grand, and into the bus stop enclosure located at the southeast corner of Grand and Abbott where it came to rest.

Unable to respond to the quickly unfolding events Conrow continued northbound on Highway 101 and took the next off-ramp.  He returned to the collision scene and identified himself to officers.  Conrow was cited for hauling an unsafe load and was released from the scene.

Fortunately, under these bizarre set of circumstances nobody was injured, however, the City bus enclosure was damaged beyond repair and will need to be replaced.