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Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Templeton


Templeton, CA — Yesterday about 4:15 p.m., the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office received a report that a fixed wing, single engine aircraft made an emergency landing near Volpi Ysabel Road in Templeton. The pilot reported the plane's engine lost power and he had to glide the plane down and make an emergency landing.   The pilot was only ... Read More »

Landsat Satellite Launched Successfully From Vandenberg AFB


A satellite launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base into space Monday will keep closer tabs on Earth's glaciers, crops, forests and shorelines, continuing a tradition that began four decades ago. The Landsat satellite was boosted into orbit by an Atlas V rocket shortly before 11:30 a.m. local time, more than an hour after lifting off from the seaside Vandenberg Air ... Read More »

Fremont Theatre To Re-Open


The Fremont Theatre in downtown San Luis Obispo, a part of San Luis Obispo history for more than 70 years, is reopening this Valentine’s Day.   After managers of the iconic theatre announced it's sudden closure almost two weeks ago, the owners of the movie house say it will re-open this Thursday. Rob Rossi and John King who own the ... Read More »

Cal Poly Student Dies Outside Residence Hall


San Luis Obispo, CA — Cal Poly Officials have announced the name of the student who passed away early Sunday morning.  University Police received a call at approximately 11:56 p.m. Saturday that a 20-year-old male student was in need of medical treatment.  When they arrived at the scene outside of a Poly Canyon Village residence hall, police started CPR on ... Read More »

Preteens Encouraged To Get Vaccinations Early


February 10 to 16 is Preteen Vaccination Week, and the San Luis Obispo Public Health Department is urging preteens to get vaccinations.   The department is reminding parents to ensure that 11 and 12 years old children have been immunized against whooping cough and other communicable diseases.  The reason for this reminder now is to encourage parents to get the ... Read More »

Landsat Satellite To Begin Study Of Earth


NASA is set to launch a satellite this morning that will study the Earth.  The Landsat Data Continuity Mission is a 40-year study of the Earth's surface.  It's a joint mission with the U.S. Geological Survey, aimed at better understanding deforestation, the retreat of glaciers, the shrinking Antarctic ice sheet, increasing wildfires and other changes around the world.  If weather ... Read More »

Man Arrested After Defrauding SLO Banks


San Luis Obispo, CA — On February 5, Carl Bellenir, a 48 year old transient of Los Angeles entered Santa Barbara Bank and Trust at 995 Higuera with rolled coins to exchange for cash. The coin rolls were filled with the wrong denomination resulting in a loss from the bank. Bellenir returned to Santa Barbara Bank and Trust on February ... Read More »

City To Post No Overnight Parking Signs


The City of San Luis Obispo would like to inform you that during February staff will post overnight camping prohibition signs in key and visible areas in the public right-of-way. On October 2nd, 2012 the City Council adopted amendments to Title 10 of the City Municipal Code prohibiting the parking of vehicles for the purposes of overnight camping on City ... Read More »

Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Employee Arrested On Theft Charges


Mary Methmann, a non-sworn Administrative Office Professional for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office was arrested on February 6 for residential burglary in the first degree.   Prior to the arrest, a criminal investigation was initiated by Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Detectives on February 4, following the theft of a significant amount of jewelry from a Goleta residence.  The stolen ... Read More »

Skeletal Remains Identified Through DNA Profiling


San Luis Obispo, CA — On July 15 of last year, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office/Coroner's detectives responded to a report of a discovery of partial skeletal remains.  The remains were found in an area on the South side of Tank Farm road between Higuera Street and Highway 227. The person leasing the land discovered the badly decomposed remains ... Read More »

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