Crocker’s Corner: Dr. Julian Crocker Superintendent Of County Schools


We know that when parents read to their children at young ages, or just listen to them sound out words or begin to put sounds to combinations of letters, it helps that child master the complex skill of reading and gain confidence. We could call this “home-based literacy”. However, some parents are hesitant to do this possibly for fear of ...

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Computer Scammers Taking a New Route


A south county woman recently received a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft who says he needed to conduct a scan of her computer to look for viruses. To do that, the caller says he needed remote access to log in to her computer. Once these scammers have access to the computer they can install malicious software, steal ...

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Atascadero City Fire Department to Receive $1 Million


The Atascadero City Fire Department recently learned that it will receive more than $1 million from the estate of a longtime supporter of the department. Bertha Shultz, a resident of Atascadero for many years, had a special connection to the members of the Atascadero City Fire Department and felt that her Trust could do a great deal for the community ...

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Capps Weighs in on the Affordable Care Act

Yesterday Rep. Lois Capps and Rep. Zoe Lofgren led a letter from members of the California Congressional delegation to California Health and Human Services Secretary Diana Dooley and Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee urging them to implement President Obama’s administrative fix that gives consumers the option to renew their 2013 health plans in 2014, without change. The administrative fix ...

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Pismo Beach Downtown Vision


The city’s Planning Department and RRM Design Group of San Luis Obispo are working to develop a Downtown Vision and Strategic Plan to fit the city’s image, and they held a meeting Wednesday to find out what residents and business owners think.  

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Dude. Be Nice Launches Anti-Bullying Campaign


Projects, more than 100 websites, newsletters and video demonstrations, culminated this year’s project-based learning assignment for eighth-grade students to research and help combat bullying.  

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Leigh Rubin to Pay Tribute to National Toy Hall of Fame Inductees


When officials at the National Toy Hall of Fame wanted to pay tribute to its newest inductees, they decided to enlist the help of someone whose career is making people laugh every day. As it turned out, that person is Nipomo resident Leigh Rubin, a nationally syndicated cartoonist.

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Arroyo Grande Farmers Market to Continue at Current Site


The Arroyo Grande Farmers Market can continue to operate at its current site in the Village at least until the City Council comes to a decision on granting it a use permit. It’s uncertain exactly when that will be after the council agreed Tuesday, Nov. 12, to indefinitely delay a vote on the permit.  

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Lucia Mar Unified School District Define District Goals


Administrators in the Lucia Mar Unified School District have been working on both a strategic plan to better define three- to five- year district goals and a $2.1 million project to translate those goals to instructional changes underscored as part of a statewide shift to Common Core State Standards.

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New Traffic Signals to be Installed


New traffic signals are planned for Oak Park Boulevard to protect vehicles turning left onto West Branch Street and left onto the northbound Highway 101 onramp in Arroyo Grande.

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