American Red Cross Deploying Napa Earthquake Relief Effort

Ryan McMahon, Disaster Program Manager for the San Luis Obispo County chapter of the American Red Cross, is deploying to the Napa earthquake relief effort. Ryan is a staff member of the Red Cross, guiding volunteers in the delivery of our many types of disaster services.

Ryan will work on information and planning activities at the Red Cross offices in Santa Rosa, CA, which is serving as Red Cross disaster headquarters for our earthquake relief efforts. In his role, Ryan will be assessing incoming data such as: Number of clients (residents) affected by the quake and/or by any ongoing disruption to infrastructure and services; number of clients the Red Cross is actively serving in shelters and in the field; and ongoing occupancy numbers in our emergency shelters.
Ryan’s deployment to another part of the state shows how the Red Cross helps people “down the street and across the country.” The experiences he gains from this deployment will be highly valuable back home in San Luis Obispo County. The national activities of the Red Cross have local impact.