• Some hostages rescued after police storm Bangladesh cafe

    There are armed assailants inside a Spanish restaurant. Some customers are trapped inside, police official Gen. Benzir Ahmed told reporters. […]

  • Katy Perry breaks a record

    If you don't already follow Katy Perry on Twitter, you're late to her party. The 31-year-old has just reached a social media milestone by becoming the first person to have over 90 million Twitter followers. […]

  • Accidental missile launch kills boater

    A Taiwanese warship mistakenly launched a supersonic "aircraft carrier killer" missile toward China Friday, hitting a fishing boat and killing the boat's captain in an incident China called "a serious matter." […]

  • Michelle Obama: A heartbreaking loss

    Ralphina Feelee lives in Liberia, where the average family gets by on less than two dollars a day, and many families simply can't afford to educate their daughters. Teen pregnancy rates are high, and pregnant girls are often discouraged from attending school. […]

  • Trump lets 'heeby-jobbies' remark go

    Donald Trump on Thursday disagreed with a questioner who complained about "Zionist Israel" during a town hall in New Hampshire. […]

  • Dems call for end to death penalty

    Democrats are calling for an end to capital punishment. […]

  • 2 airport bombers and planner ID'd

    The alleged organizer of the Istanbul airport massacre is a well known militant who served as a top lieutenant in ISIS' war ministry, a U.S. official said. […]

  • Opinion: Crash highlights self-driving car dangers

    We think of automobiles as American as baseball, apple pie, and hotdogs - or at least that's what the car advertisers have gotten us to believe. […]

  • U.S.: Airstrike kills ISIS commanders

    A coalition airstrike in Iraq killed two ISIS senior military commanders last week, including a man that the United States says oversaw the terror group's 2014 offensive to capture the Iraqi city of Mosul, the Pentagon said Friday. […]

  • 99 million-year-old bird wing discovered

    Scientists have discovered a 99-year-old bird wing trapped in amber that shows the similarities between dinosaurs and modern bird feathers. […]